Rsync from remote computer to RS

i want to make use of rsync to backup from my Synology tot Rockstor
the command is reconized in terminal (local)

but when i try toe make a bacup to RS from Syno the useraname (admin account) can not make a connection to a share, the same thing when i used fort testing the root user.

The site is working fine on my mac (same mac i run the webgui from Syno) but when i telnet tot port 873 the connection is not ok.
I have read that the firewall is turned off in RS, maybe becouse im running RS on a VM ?
host ip >>
RS ip >>

Thanks for reading !

It could indeed be that the firewall of your VM host is blocking the port. Also make sure the shares have the correct permissions set for you to have access to them.


You mentioned telnet, so just wanted to check you actually meant SSH – which rsync can use – rather than the completely unrelated and insecure telnet…

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