Running Balance does not show under balances

Title says it all…
I started a balance from command line and it does not show in GUI

@Christian_Rost Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Yes this is a known limitation and we have an open issue to improve things in this regard:

Although there are some pending improvements in a submitted pull request to improve the feedback for ongoing Web-UI initiated balance:

These in turn should help towards improvements in the former issue referenced.

@Christian_Rost Although the main issue your reported and the existing issue that covers the reported short coming are still outstanding, ie no reflection in Web-UI of cmomand line initiated balances, the second related issue I mentioned earlier in this post has now been closed. So as of Rockstor 3.8-14.14 testing channel update we are a little better at reporting the balance state. Also Web-UI can now recognise and report a paused balance (paused via command line but started via Web-UI) and also report that same balances in progress state including from a resume and if cancelled, again via command line. We also now have an open issue that proposes the addition of a balance cancel and pause/resume buttons so: ‘bit by bit’.

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+1 for this…faced this also today. it would be nice to have the status synced with the cli started process