Running SandStorm on Rockstor

Hello Everyone,

This is slightly off topic, but I want to mention a very interesting app framework introduced to me recently called SandStorm. The use case is similar to Rock-ons but done very differently. Please see their website for details.

I met with @asheesh of SandStorm who explained it’s implementation and security benefits. We were able to install it on Rockstor and run web apps like EtherPad and Let’s Chat in a matter of few minutes. It was cool. I thought some of you many be interested to play with it.

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looked over it, and seems cool
but only webapps are supported as I could see over the marketplace. perhaps I have to digg deeper into it to figure out if other apps are able to be implemented as well and especially how.

nevertheless, the availability of docker within the rockstor interface is one of the main factors I moved over to rockstor (besides btrfs). so getting docker implemented properly would be just awesome.
it was also a huge step forward for unRaid when they implemented docker support.
so please stay with docker, get this one running smoothly first and after that jump on the sandstorm train.


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I agree. In fact we are in the process of improving the Rock-on framework some more. See this for more info.

Thanks @suman for mentioning Sandstorm!

One way I think about Sandstorm is it’s an open source alternative to Google Docs, built with self-hostability and security in mind.

I’d love if 2 people on the forum want to try installing it and give me your thoughts about what apps you might want to use on it, since I work on the Sandstorm project & maintain the installer.

The install is pretty easy, and unlike Rock-ons, apps don’t require a separate TCP port. You access them all from the Sandstorm dashboard. Sandstorm handles single-sign-on to all of them, too. is the install page. Would two people like to try installing & leave a comment with how you like it? :smiley:

BTW hi @herbert – only web apps are supported for now, but there is an OwnCloud/Syncthing alternative you can run with one click. Video here:

More details here:!topic/sandstorm-dev/TcnV64xbzng

We’re working on adding support for other protocols through a system we call “drivers,” but that’ll take a few months before it’s ready.

Security-wise, there are a lot of subtle benefits to running an app on Sandstorm. describes a handful of security issues that have been neutralized by Sandstorm’s hardening of every app.

If you run Sandstorm as part of Rockstor, we set up free SSL for you. Details at .

I’m happy to take questions on this, since I’m the primary author of that feature!