Running Scrub status not updated

Due to some other issues I am pushing a manual scrub. When I check the status on the UI, it shows me the start date, but all other data is either unknown or 0:

However, the command line output of

btrfs scrub status -R /mnt2/<pool-name>

provides this view


This is on Centos version, still 3.9.2-57, haven’t tested it on the OpenSUSE installation though.

@Hooverdan Hello again.

I’m pretty sure we made a number of improvements in this area since then. And we also accounted, at one point, for more modern kernel versions which changed the output somewhat. We can only really tend now to the openSUSE output I’m afraid. Also it would be good to know the kernel version you are seeing this with. We do have some unit tests to ensure we parse correctly from prior known kernels output but of course things move along all the time.

See the following where we added a ‘clause’ to accommodate one of these upstream kernel changes:

in 3.9.2-58:

Again this is associated with newer kernels hence my question.

Hope that helps.


@phillxnet thanks for the quick response. The kernel is indeed a brand new one :). 5.14.1-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 - not being a Linux expert, after manually upgrading kernels for some time, I must have done something that the yum update is now actually automatically proposing kernel upgrades, so now i always have to manually update the kernel version in the settings file to not get a warning message.
Though for this I would expect it’s actually more related to the btrfs-tools package (which goes almost hand-in-hand with kernel releases), correct. But that one is also new, version 5.13.1

I wasn’t expecting anything else. I promise, I will move to the SUSE version soon, mostly a matter of opening the box, so I can keep a backup of the CentOS version in case stuff goes south. But if the output has changed with more recent btrfs tools and kernel versions.