S.M.A.R.T. extended test seems stuck

So, I started a S.M.A.R.T. extended tests about 2 weeks ago, on 4 of my drives. The webinterface still shows, after all this time:

Self-test routine in progress... 90% of test remaining.

I’ve had a bit of a load on the NAS during this time, but not always, I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t take this long, and something probably failed and rockstor fails to pick that up. The message even remains after a reboot. Anything I can do to debug?

@worthship Hello again. Is this 90% of test remaining message still the case after having refreshed the readings, ie after pressing the “Refresh” button in the top right of that display? Unfortunately it is not auto updating yet but I think there are plans to change this going forward. But currently the info you see on the smart page is currently only up to the last time the Refresh button was pressed for the particular drive you are looking at.

The Self-test progress report is simply parsed from the output of the “Self-test execution status” row in the Capabilities tab so might be useful to look at what that reading is indicating as well; ie before and after a Refresh.

Hope that helps and if you could let the forum know we might be able to pin down what’s going on here.


Aaaahhh. Right. Sorry. I did refresh those pages, but with the browser refresh button. Wasn’t aware that I’d need to trigger the update using the other refresh button.

All good. Tests displayed as finished after I used that one.

Thanks a lot!

@worthship Great, glad it’s sorted and working for you. Bit confusing this behaviour so as a result I’ve opened an issue to address this. There are complications regarding waking suspended drives with adding an auto refresh upon visiting but I’ve detailed a user experience enhancement idea in the issue that may well address the problem you and others have run into:

Looks like this could be an easy one to address, making it ripe for first time code contributors. Apologies for not making this issue sooner. But at least it’s there now, pretty sure all the current core developers are currently engaged with other issues so it may be a while but we are getting more and more ‘drive by’ contributors so I’m hopeful that making issues of each thing as they comes up, at least when easily defined that is, can only help.

Thanks for reporting your experience on this one.