Samba import, is it possible?

I can’t find a way to mount Windows disk using Samba/CIFS.Like when you access them with something like \{name-of-shared-folder} or mount it with cifs.

I’d like to be able to access them via docker(Rock-ons) app.I’m used to unraid, they have the Unassigned Devices plugin for that. But I don’t care to mount them via command line or anything, I just need them to work :slight_smile:

I tried mounting it with CIFS on the command line like this:
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=my_user_name // /mnt2/windows_folder

I got: Failed host is down.
I got it mounted on my Linux laptop with the exact command, so it’s up.

Thank you for any help.

EDIT: Installing Open Media Vault 5 seems to have fixed the issue