Samba service is not starting

Thank you all guys for your support.

Well I messed it up… :frowning:
because I didn’t took a backup of /var/lib/yum and /var/lib/rpm like recommend from the centos-wiki and the next point was I thought the new packages would be always the second ones from the output of

package-cleanup --dupes

but that wasn’t the case, it only worked for 90% of the packages… that was also mentioned centos-wiki post… but I hadn’t read it carefully enough…
So I ended up having some old and new packages installed… espescially those samba package had the wrong order from that output…

and running

yum update

again after that messed installation without unterrupting it, didn’t solve the issue(also all update where installed successfull), because it seems rockstor is running fixed on samba version 4.6.2…

after searching and trying to install the old samba package manual(what did not worked) I decided to reinstall the system…

now it’s running fine again but I have reinstall my virtual-box again…

@Chavell3 Thanks for the update and glad you got it sorted, even if you did have to re-install.

There are still forming mid term plans to move Rockstor over to a linux base that incorporates a boot from snapshot arrangement, system drive size permitting, so in time you will have the option to boot into the system just prior to an update. Which in this case would have been nice.

Oh well.

And we also have the outstanding:

Opened by forum member @doenietzomoeilijk from within that already referenced forum thread.