Samba Share Enablement Disables on its own

I have noticed when i enable the Samba share feature of Rockstor 4.10.6-1 I can go back the next day and the share has been disabled.

Even when I have a backup actively using the share, this happens. Has anyone else noticed this behavior, or have any idea how to keep it from disabling on its own?


@bmcgonag Thanks for the report but we haven’t had, as of yet, any reports of this happening.

Could you also clarify your Rockstor version. 4.10.6-1 is not a Rockstor version.

yum info rockstor

run as root should help with getting this info. And note that we did have an earlier version of Rockstor with a bug regarding the Web-UI indicated version verses the actual installed version so the above command is canonical to identifying the actual installed version.

Hope that helps.

Installed Packages
Name        : rockstor
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 3.9.1
Release     : 0
Size        : 84 M
Repo        : installed
From repo   : anaconda
Summary     : RockStor -- Store Smartly
License     : GPL
Description : RockStor -- Store Smartly

Also, I looked at the smbd logs through rockstor UI, but there was nothing in them, so can’t tell why it keeps turning off.Are there any other logs I can provide?

Hi @bmcgonag,

3.9.1-0 is now a very old version and we have made substantial improvements and bug fixes since, including related to the Samba implementation. That includes a bug related to the detection of the Samba service status and its configuration. From your original post, it seems the Samba share still “works” and that you’re able to connect to it from your client and do what you need, so it would fit with the improvements I mentioned above related to the detection of the Samba service status. It would thus mean that what you are seeing is only “cosmetic”.

If you are willing to try, I would recommend you to try out Rockstor 4 using our instructions to create your own installer as you would benefit from a much more recent codebase and Btrfs stack:

Sorry for not being of better help here, but I hope it still helps.

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Ok, I’ll take a look at it.