Samba shares available offline in Windows clients

I am considering Rockstor as a storage solution and one of my requirement is that the Samba shares have the ability to allow Windows clients to work with the files offline. In docs there is a section about Samba shares, but there is no info about that. Is that enabled by default or how to enable that?

Hi @Lukas,

You’ll need to provide more information as to what you mean by ‘work with the files offline’.
Samba will not available to access files from a client if the server running Samba is not available to the client.
The only way to be able to do this is by copying the files from the server to the client.

Ok, here is the link that will clarify what I mean:

Hi @Lukas,

You’re looking for Client Side Caching (CSC). Samba does support this, but it is not configurable via Rockstor’s interface. You’ll want to read up on “csc policy” specifically in the Samba smb.conf documentation.

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As per vesper1978’s response, you’ll need to make the changes manually in the smb.conf.
Please note that these changes are made at the share level, which is a part of the Rockstor managed configuration. As a result of this, updates to Rockstor may overwrite this, and any changes made to the share after this modification will likely overwrite this as well.
This may require some upkeep to keep running.


I was not aware of that option, learn something new every day!


CSC has been supported within Samba since sometime in the 3.x versions.

I am glad to hear that - it looks like it will not be much of a problem running Samba CSC with Rockstor. Thank you all for replies ! :slight_smile: