Samba tuning for large files

Hi All,

how can I increase the samba transfer speeds for large files?

I am getting 50MB/sec with iperf3 but only 20MB/sec coping a large file. (wifi)

It is not the underlying storage. I get the same from SSD, internal transfer from one pool to another are well above 100MB/sec. Replication via ethernet gets 50MB/sec.

@Stefan Hello again.

As your samba speed is roughly half your measured network speed (iperf3) I wandered if the client in use was using libsmbclient, i.e. a linux desktop client with GUI administered samba client connection to Rockstor’s samba server.

See the following thread if that is the case:

That’s all that springs to mind currently. Not sure is this is still currently relevant but linking just in case as easy to test given the info in that thread.

Hope that helps.


Hi Phil,

that was it, using it with autofs and the throughput if great.

Thank you.

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@Stefan Thanks for the update and glad your now sorted.