Second nic for direct ethernet connection

Hello to Rockstor fans!

I am on the verge of buying a couple of 10gb nic cards in order to directly connect my rockstor server to my windows workstation with a cat6a cable. The goal is to achieve somewhat better transfer speeds. I know this will still be bottlenecked by the actual read/write speeds of my HDDs.

As it currently stands, my Intel (gigabit) nic is already connecting my Rockstor machine to my router and consequently to internet and local LAN. And my shares are accessible via SAMBA on my home network.

Any particular setup I should know about?
I was thinking to setup my new nic with a different IP and subnet and leave the gateway blank in Rockstor machine. Then copy this setup under my second network adapter in Windows.
Will this work or do I need to create routing instructions for Centos as well? And will my Rockstor shares be accessible from the Windows machine using the new network?


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Yeah, I have the same setup here and it works fine (Except I use DAC between the 10Gbit NICs).

Set the gigabit NICs to DHCP (or manually set to your LAN if you do it that way).
Set the 10Gbit NICs to be in a different subnet. No gateway.
Set the default gateway on the gigabit NIC to be your router if you dont use DCHP.

You can access the NAS via IP address or configure your DNS/hosts with the correct IPs. No need for route statements.

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