Serenity now ∞ (plus 1 to make 15 charters (I'm a good tipper))

Hey Guys (and Gals?),

Sorry about the tone of previous posts.

I’m kind of a Debian guy and finding CentOS to be just different enough to trip me up and there is a huge difference in what comes up when googling how to do something.

And my first experience with Rockstor was bad install media. Still don’t know if it was the usb drive, download, or gremlins. Then the updates, oh the updates. Missing dependencies (from bad install?) offline repos, and on and on.

Just finished third install of Rockstor and I’ve been using it for less than two weeks. Thank the gods the btrfs pool didn’t get borked.

Then there are the ‘Rock-Ons’… Consistent theme? More like can’t find useful information because searching for Rock-Ons turns up A LOT of unrelated stuff and even the related stuff isn’t as mature as searching for Docker Plugins. I’m new to docker and learning the rockstor twist hasn’t been easy.

Plex mostly works. OpenVPN and Transmission kinda not really, ZoneMinder (both versions) install crashes and burns. Emby installs but connection refused when trying to go to the UI.

System Shell is 502 Bad Gateway

The list goes on, but those are the biggies that have been driving me batty.

But I’m stuck on wanting BTRFS and a web gui. And my server is made from found parts.

Any way… Off to lunch.