Serious bug in kernel 3.17.1

Linux 3.17.1 has a serious bug which can corrupt a btrfs filesystem when a read-only snapshot is made. It is fixed in 3.17.2 and later.

Thanks for the info sprint. I’ve read about it on the mailing list, but overlooked it since I’ve been testing stuff on 17.1 for some time, so went ahead and made it default.

I’ve been testing 3.18.1 and planning to make that default as early as the next update. Do you have any concerns with this version?

I am currently running 3.17.3 on the main server and 3.18.1 on the backup/testing server and haven’t had any issues with either. I plan to update the main server to 3.18.1 soon.


We just released 3.3-5 update which ships with 3.18.1 kernel. Thanks for bringing this up!