Serviio server in docker


I made a serviio media server in a container, and I added my own profile. The docker file is:

The container works correctly on my laptop, but after I load into my Rockstor NAS it does not work any more.
I run “–privileged=true --net=host” switches, after I change the network interface to the hosts interface in the serviio config, the serviio sees my media player, but the media server does not see the media player.
What should I do? Do anyone use serviio server on a Rockstor NAS?



Very late response to this - sorry for necroing.

The dockerfile is not there anymore - can you verify access to it?
With what commands did you run the container? Serviio requires ports:
TCP 8895
UDP 1900

So starting it like below should work and you then don’t have to use privileged mode nor net.
docker run -v /media:/media -p 8895:8895/tcp -p 1900:1900/udp --name serviio -tid serviio.dockerfile


I’ll try it. Thanks.