Setup Emby in Rockstor

Hello world,

As I am in the process of building my media server (Rockstor NAS), I am doing my homework and studying upon configurations, settings, setups etc.

Since there is no official documentation (as of yet) regarding Emby setup in Rockstor I have some questions for anyone that has got it working already.

First my setup:
1 SSD for Rockstor installation
2 hdd setup in a raid1 pool for my movies
2 hdd setup in a raid1 pool for tv shows et al

When installing Emby as a rockon in Rockstor it asks for two shares: one for Configuration and another for Media.

I am guessing the Configuration share is the place where Emby keeps all its settings and its database (correct me if wrong); so I would want to have this on my SSD.

As for the media share I am a bit puzzled because “A Share is a chunk of space carved out of a Pool” and my media is not in one pool. My media files come from two separate shares out of two different pools.
So my question is how do I go configuring that? And if later I can point Emby to a different share from its webui; couldn’t I just create the media share on my ssd and have setup both my media shares in Emby’s webui?

Indulge me.

Short answer: yes, and that’s what I would recommend, personally. This is how mine is setup. I’ll try to give more details later once I have more details, but wanted to answer hat one briefly.


Are you familiar with Docker containers?
These are the basis for Rockstor rockons.

A little bit of a breakdown for your questions:

  • Yes, the configuration share contains Emby’s DB and config options.
  • Ideally, I would avoid using shares on the rockstor main pool, personal preference maybe. I don’t have any particular reason not to.
  • Please note that docker containers only have access to the resources that are exported to them. This means that Emby won’t be able to see your linux root directory (It’ll have it’s own, including exported shares)

To manage this, I assume the Emby config is similar to the Plex rockon, in that:

  • You will initially install the rockon with the config share, and one of the media shares
  • Once installed, drop back to the rockstor UI -> Rockons
  • stop the rockon
  • Click the ‘spanner’ icon, and you should see ‘Add storage’ down the bottom.
  • You should be able to select another media share, and a mountpoint location for where to add in the rockon.

Please give it a go, and if you require further assistance, let me know and I’ll run up an Emby instance on my own Rockstor media server and provide you a full process.


Thanks for your prompt reply. Looking forward for more details.

I don’t mind about the root directory. I just want it to be a share of the SSD (rockstor installation) pool, because I want my media pools independent.

Will this media share be an additional one or just a replacement of the one entered in the initial configuration?

I’ll try to answer your questions in a little bit more details.

@Haioken already perfectly described and detailed the procedure with which you can “expose” as many shares as you want to the Emby rock-on. This will be an additional one and not replace the emby-media share selected during the initial Rock-on setup.
If I understand correctly what your shares will be (or already are) you will thus be able to add your Movies share, as well as you TV shows share. Once in Emby, you can add a Media Library (or as many as you want based on your setup and organization. Multiple folders can be added in each Emby Media library if you want so, but you could add a library for TV shows, one for Movies, or just one for the combination. I would refer you to the Emby wiki for more information.

The emby-config share indeed contains its database and config options, but some of these “features” can be transfered to another share. The transcoding temporary path, for instance, can be remapped to another location (any other share you would have added to the Emby Rock-on as per the ‘Add storage’ tool.
The emby-media share is the default for content, such as the default location for your TV recordings, for instance. Of course, this can be mapped to a different location (share) if you want to. You can set it to your TV Shows share, for instance.

You can, of course, do that, but I’ll refer to the specialists here to know whether the rockstor-rockstor pool (installation pool) should be left alone or used like that.

Hope this helps,

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Hello @Flox and thanks for explaining. I guess this mapping will have to be done from Emby webUI just like the transcoding one?
There is no specific reference of remapping emby-media share in the wiki.

Yes, you are correct.
Please note, however, that it’s simply “feature by feature”. For instance, the transcoding temp folder is on /media by default, but you can specify a different location if you desire. Similarly, the default location for TV recordings are in /media as well, but you can also specify a different location for this as well.
Sorry for the confusion.