>>> setuptools will stop working <<<

I have today upgraded the Rockstor to version 3.9.2-57. Everything was fine until the first scheduled task with btrfs snapshot was launched. Since then, I am receiving the following e-mail on EVERY snapshot task (10 per hour):
opt/rockstor/eggs/setuptools-46.1.3-py2.7.egg/pkg_resources/py2_warn.py:21: UserWarning: Setuptools will stop working on Python 2

You are running Setuptools on Python 2, which is no longer supported and

in a subsequent release (no sooner than 2020-04-20).
Please ensure you are installing
Setuptools using pip 9.x or later or pin to setuptools<45 in your environment.
If you have done those things and are still encountering this message, please follow up at https://bit.ly/setuptools-py2-warning.

sys.version_info < (3,) and warnings.warn(pre + "*" * 60 + msg + "*" * 60)

My questions are:

  • Does it mean, that the corresponding snapshots was not created?
  • If it is only warning and all the snapshots in scheduled tasks are created just fine, how to disable it so that it stops spamming me all the time.
  • Maybe it is not so easy, but is there a way I can solve this warining? For example by downgrading to older setuptools version? I am not sure if or how to do that, so that it will not collide with the rockstor installation.

Thank you very much for any advice.

This is a warning from a Python module which is presumably used at some point in the Rockstor scripts that build up the snapshots. More than likely your snapshots are working just fine.

Once the new Rockstor 4 (Based on OpenSUSE) is ready, the developers have suggested they will start looking at moving from Python 2.X (which was deprecated some time ago) to Python 3.X, although that may take some time.

Not sure how you’d go about clearing down the warning however, but likely there is a way.

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Thank you @thedrjones for your quick answer. You are right, I have checked that the snapshots are created just fine. So until the problem with old Python scripts is solved, I have commented out the last line in py2_warn.py file. Not ideal solution, but at least the I dont get extra tons of mails every and each hour.

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