Share Existing External Device


I’ve got Rockstor installed on my NAS and while it’s a great solution, I’m curious if it’s possible to share an existing drive with a filesystem already on it via Rockstor? Due to the amount of data on the disk, and the fact that it’s an external enclosure with it’s own filesystem already on it, I’m loathe (if not prevented) from adding it as a proper Rockstor disk/pool.

Is this possible, or should I find another solution for this particular need?


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How do you wish to Share it? via Samba?

Currently this is not supported as Rockstor is pure-play BTRFS. It may be useful in scenarios like this to detect external filesystems as Special kind of Shares with limited functionality. eg. no snapshots, no replication, but exportability via protocols like samba, nfs etc… Would love to hear more from the community on this.


already mentioned that such a feature would be great.
having external USB attached disk shared per smb automatically :slight_smile:


This is what I need, I need to have a linux server to be a gateway for stornext volumes. I think I might make my Rockstor install a virtual machine on a different distribution unless it would work by itself. Is there a cli way to set Rockstor up to be a gateway?

I’ve recently had to transfer 4TB of information to Rockstor recently. The disk was not btrfs but since Rockstor is just CentOS at heart, I was able to mount it using SSH and copy all the files to my Rockstor share. As long as your system can detect the hardware, what’s stopping you from mounting it from the shell?

Thank-you Vernon, I did a lspci command and it lists the brocade HBA"s i might try to put it on the fabric.