Share suddenly empty!?

All of a sudden, the share that contains all my data is empty! The underlying pool however still contains it as I can see it in the SSH console. It occurred after I deleted and recreated another share. I did not touch the one in question.

/mnt2/SHARE_NAME is empty
/export/SHARE_NAME is empty
/mnt2/POOL_NAME/SHARE_NAME contains all the data

How do I recover my data?

What would the consequences be of copying (prob using rsync command) the ~5TB of data from the pool directory to the /mnt2/SHARE_NAME directory? Would the data end up duplicated?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Ignore this. A Rockstor reboot solved. Phew.

Shares are BTRFS subvolumes and are created at /mnt2/[pool_name]/[share_name]. However, they are mounted at /mnt2/[share_name] as part of the rockstor-bootstrap service during boot and also when a relevant event occurs(eg: when the Share is created). So when you rebooted, rockstor-bootstrap service mounted it. (You could have just restarted the rockstor-bootstrap service to achieve the same effect). What’s not clear is why the Share was not mounted(or got unmounted) in the first place. You may know what caused it,I just wanted to add more context.

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Same problem here.
After reboot my samba and nfs shares appear to be empty.
From the command line I see, they are not mounted at /mnt2/[share_name].
Starting the bootstrap service from the GUI does not help.

I must go to the share configuration page, click on one share at “edit” and then submit it without any changes. After this all shares from that service are mounted. I have to do this on one share for samba and on one for nfs.

You guys on a recent version of RockStor. There was an issue that caused SMB to come up before the BTRFS pools were available causing shares with nothing in them.

I am on 3.8-11 (stable branch).

The same issue here. Also on 3.8-11 (stable branch).


seems I have the same issue with 3.8-14.09 (testing updates)