Shared datastore

Can you use the same datastore for different rock ons? In the documentation they all have there own separate datastore.

@rjc Welcome to the Rockstor community.

It is not advisable as they could interfere with one another. But it is not enforced so you can if you want. Just remember that if two rock-ons are accessing the same share they could upset one another. All depends on what each does this the data there and how robust they are to changes made by other parties. But I would definitely not share config shares between rock-ons as that could lead to some very strange behaviour, and do try to keep all data shares separate also as it will definitely help to divide concerns.

It would be good to hear from other Rockstor users on where they successfully share rock-ons data stores.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply.

If I was to use Sonarr to organise my media and Plex to stream it, they would both need to access the same files.

Would I need them both to use the same datastore?

I would do the following:

  • create and use a dedicated share for the new rock-on data share
  • add the Sonarr data share after Plex install so that you can view and add this share from the PlexUI as library. You can have a look at the following:
    NZBGet, setup map for downloaded files - #2 by Flox

Hope this helps,

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