Share's despairing and not no web control

i have just started using rockstor and have been impressed but for some reason i awoke to errors and not working right

error logs are available if you tell me how to post them here

in the web side it gives a get command error

@dsullivan Welcome to the Rockstor community. Sorry to hear of you’re issues and thanks for offering to help. This to me sounds like it could be a recent issue we have had where CentOS was updated underneath Rockstor and a python update caused us a few hickups. There are some fixes already available which may auto apply. Which update channel were you using, ie stable or testing? Note that the python fix once installed will only apply after a reboot. Have you tried rebooting the machine in case that fix has already been applied?

Also note that you can attach screen shots to these forum posts so that might work for you, ie a screen shot of the get command error.

What is the output of the following command when executed on a rockstor console as root ie via ssh root@rockstor-ip

yum info installed python | grep Release

It should be:-
Release : 18.el7_1.1
If the python downgrade fix worked, if not then it will be the problematic 34 release. Internally during boot the following command is executed by Rockstor to perform the python downgrade if it finds the 34 release installed. If things do not mend themselves then it may be worth executing the following command by hand, noting the resulting output to see what’s blocking the downgrade (if anything) and then rebooting if all looks well.

yum downgrade python-2.7.5-18.el7_1.1 python-libs-2.7.5-18.el7_1.1


P.S. Rockstor logs are mostly in the file /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log and can be viewed via:-

less /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log

with page up / page down or cursor up / cursor down to navigate (Capital G to look at the end / most recent entries)

this seams to have fixed the issue at this moment

what does one have to do to get in the dev system and look at what addons that could be made for this system

i think i2p and tor and website hosting would work great with this system
for me since i work with websites and local programmers

@dsullivan All development of Rockstor code is on GitHub and this forum and the GitHub issues, predominantly in rockstor-core, drive / track what is done. But the Docker based Rock-ons system is next in line to receive a re-write, so it’s probably best to keep an eye on the 3.8-11 dev log to see how the new Rock-on system is implemented. There is a Wiki entry that was used as a RFC recently on the Rock-ons system.

There is also a strong possibility that @suman, once done on this re-write (and all in good time), will produce one of his detailed Wiki entries that serve as the technical manual / dev guide for contributors. I’m afraid there isn’t one for how the Rock-ons are currently implemented as this Wiki is a rather recent development on the documentation side of Rockstor.

There is a specific forum thread for Rock-on requests where your suggestions may be relavant, currently the Rock-on / Docker system is the only addons / plugins functionality in Rockstor. Adding core functionality is probably best done via specific proposals, probably in their own forum thread. That way one can get more specific feedback on how or if it fits with peoples view / use of Rockstor; which is predominantly a NAS system (at least as I see it :grinning: ).

Hope that helps some.