Shares fail to mount after update to 3.9.2-9 - Cannot create snapshots

After purchasing stable updates and activating I updated my new Rockstor system. After booting into the supported kernel I no longer have access to my share/ nfs mount which houses my vsphere cluster vms. Currently I am in the process of migrating off mf freenas to rockstor and had close to 1TB of vms living on my rockstor share. After the update the nfs mount/ share now shows 0 bytes in the gui. In the cli, I see the vms on the share. I used the information on this page (Rockstor 3.9.2-3 shares unmounted after reboot - #3 by upapi_rockstor) to get my share accessible again. Will this issue be corrected? I moved away from Freenas because of the constant bugs with zfs.Now when I try to create a snapshot, I receive the following message. Houston, we’ve had a problem.
Unknown client error doing a POST to /api/shares/SHARE_NFS_001/snapshots/SHARE_NFS_001_SNAP_12312017_1113AM. Is there something that I am missing?

@dhaman Welcome to the Rockstor community.

As we recently had a bug in displaying the installed Rockstor version could you confirm your installed version via the following command executed as root:

yum info rockstor

The reason I want to double check is that the share mount failure issue only lasted a short period and a fix, effective on reboot, has already been released:


So although we are not all the way back to where we were pre the crazy docker-ce move on disabling quotas for the entire pool that it’s share resides on (the rock-ons-root) we should be a good way there. This means you should not now need to re-enable quotas or hand mount your shares on reboot. And has had the added bonus that our quota disabled robustness has come on some.

Lets just confirm your installed Rockstor version, again this should also have been be fixed as from:

Hope that helps and thanks for helping to support Rockstor development.

The output of the command is as follows.

Installed Packages
Name : rockstor
Arch : x86_64
Version : 3.9.2
Release : 9
Size : 77 M
Repo : installed
From repo : Rockstor-Stable
Summary : RockStor – Store Smartly
License : GPL
Description : RockStor – Store Smartly

Happy New Year.

I’ve found this info
[root@nas ~]# yum info rockstor
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

Available Packages
Name : rockstor
Arch : x86_64
Version : 3.9.2
Release : 9
Size : 15 M
Repo : Rockstor-Stable
Summary : RockStor – Store Smartly
License : GPL
Description : RockStor – Store Smartly

Does it mean I have the newest version installed like here indicated?
2018-01-01 01_07_35-Rockstor

Or is there something missing? reboot or yum update

OK, new year new luck.

yum update rockstor did the trick. Now everything works like a charm.

This is still an issue. After a Rockstor reboot my share nfs volume shows 0bytes in Vsphere. Is this not stable enough to use?

Well, looks like im headed back to another product. Rockstor looked promising, but volumes not mounting back up on a reboot is a show stopper. Especially in a Vmware environment. Thanks to all that provided support.

Have this set back up in a poc lab environment and still having issues with nfs mount showing 0 bytes. Any fixes for this?

@dhaman Hello again.

Could you start a new thread detailing your new setup, specifically you NFS config as that should help to clarify your issue, especially given this thread references a now old version and mentions a number of other issues ie shares unmounted, snapshot creation etc.

Also make sure to verify your Rockstor version as per my initial response here just so we know your new version on this new install, I saw that previously you were on which has now had a number of updates, ie 3.9.2-15 is current version.

Hopefully the forum can get to understand and resolve your issue but I think it’s going to be better to start afresh. Give as much info as possible including what program is reporting 0 bytes and if you have quotas enabled or not: this info is now available in the Web-UI.

I haven’t looked much at the NFS code myself but with a clearly reproducible issue I could take a look; time permitting.

Hope that helps and thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development.