Shares missing on pool import

when importing a pool, the previously created share is missing in the ui. ls displays the subvol and all files are there. recreating the subvol with the same name via web ui fixes the problem afaik.

Thanks @felixbrucker, there may be a subtle bug there. If possible, could you post step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? This will speed things up.

currently i cant as rockstor has stored all information about my pool even though i disconnected all harddrives for that pool. Trying to delete the share tells me to delete my snapshots which fails as the pool isnt even mounted or connected. The problem can be reproduced (not checked, but should be) with a newly installed rockstor which does not know any previously configured shares (thats what i did initially). When on the disks page of the newly installed rockstor there is a “import pool” button near the disks, after importing the pool there are no shares displayed, only the pool under pools.