Show S.M.A.R.T. status directly in disklist

It would be nice to have a column in the disklist that shows if disks have passed or failed the test.

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This is @phillxnet land! :wink:

but can’t the disk which literally scrubbed it’s magnetic surface off and can’t hold any data - pass s.m.a.r.t. test positively ?

not trying to discourage you, but what would you exactly display in this table ? pass / fail ? for me bad sectors = fail and need to change disk … at my work sas transport crc errors = fail and need to change disk, helium level below 80% = fail and need to change disk … for some this will be still ok as long as spindles spin

Agree, there should be 3 levels of indication for this.
Green, yellow, red where yellow should be shown when problems like you described is occuring/happened.
Just having the smart output is a bit to technical for all users and most nas solutions provide this more simple indication because of that.

Since rockstor is borderline utopian communistic, we encourage anybody to suggest or even design (on paper) or even implement (on git hub) the feature them self :slight_smile:

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