Simple AFP Setting Request

I currently have rockstor setup with AFP shares. When AFP shares appear in the mac sidebar they are associated with an icon depending on the machine. In unraid the icon is a server, and I wanted to see if someone knows how to specify which character appears. I know this request is simple but it can make a difference when there are several machines sharing on a network and you need to identify which is the server.

@djevo1 Hello again.

Pretty sure this can be defined by the

mimic model = model

entry in the afp.conf file.
I’d try the “RackMac” model setting first.

Note though that any changes you make to that file may well be overwritten if you alter AFP settings there after from within the Rockstor Web-UI interface. But that setting may survive, I’d have to look to be sure. Worth a try though.

An online reference for the setting within this file is available from:
where we have:

"mimic model = model (G)
Specifies the icon model that appears on clients. Defaults to off. Note that afpd must support Zeroconf. Examples:
RackMac (same as Xserve), PowerBook, PowerMac, Macmini, iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro, MacBookAir, MacPro,
AppleTV1,1, AirPort."

Hope that helps, but not sure if it will have an effect in Rockstor’s implimentation due to the zeroconf reliance though.

If you could report back your findings on this that would be great as maybe we can have this as a future enhancement.

Where would this entry go in the afp.conf file, under global?


From another quick look at the reference I posted earlier in this thread they have it under a subsection: “Miscellaneous Options” which is in turn under the heading:
edit: last line cut and pasted from source but look a little shouty so lower casing:
"Explanation of Global Parameters"
so I would guess yes.

Please report on you findings with this one as this would be a nice little addition.

Actually it appears it goes under global settings. I was able to get it to show the server icon.

; Global server settings
 mimic model = RackMac (G)

@djevo1 That’s great, nice find.

Do you fancy postings screen shots of how it looks before and after in the finder. Then others can see if this is the way we want to proceed. I suspect it is.

Thanks for contributing on this one.

Would you like to open a GitHub issue in the Rockstor-core repository by way of a feature request on this? That way you or others can apply the changes you’ve tested against that issue. If you do open an issue make sure to include a link back to this thread to keep them tied together.

Here is the image of what it is now, the one above was what it looked like


@phillxnet are you coding it ?? Check update over Rockstor issue


No afraid not, currently working on NUT early shutdown.


Thanks, as per @Flyer’s prompt I see you have done the deed; looks like the ball is rolling on this one already.
Linking back to your GitHub issue here:


PR on its way

We need Apple guys! :slight_smile:


Hehe, my father has a Macbook but it feels like alien technology to me, I can’t operate it very well. I set that computer up to use SMB shares, not AFP, so can’t be of much help. :cry:

That is not technology, that is Applenology, a strange and distant planet to me too :disappointed:
Except for loving or not Mac world, I can code afp/netatalk too (there’s a good docu), but having someone testing over Macs would be desired