Simple update question - RS 4.1.0 (opensuse)

I recently installed RS 4.1.0 on my DL380 from the ISO. So far so good.

I registered and now have access to the stable updates.

When I click the dashboard icon for updates, I get a list of between 80 and 90 updates. If I do a “zypper up” via SSH, I get those updates … plus about 200 additional packages, including all the YaST packages, tons of ruby related packages, lots of stuff.

Should I avoid doing manual updates via zypper and only use the web gui?


@jcdick1, when running via the command line did you do with the no-recommends option?
zypper refresh && zypper up --no-recommends


Okay, that’s what it is. I didn’t actually run the update because of the differences. I didn’t see the “–no-recommends” part. Thanks!


@Hooverdan already took care of everything here but I just wanted to reference our documentation on the matter for those wondering about further details:


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@jcdick1 Hello again, and glad your now up-and-running on the far newer v4 “Built on openSUSE” offering.

@Hooverdan & @Flox have already covered this, but we also have an indicator to this ‘advised’ “–no-recommends” option in our initial console message directly after install. See the following doc subsection for a picture of this:

“Rockstor’s “Built on openSUSE” installer”: ‘Login as the ‘root’ user’

It’s the first console message one sees if those directions are followed. We could add this to every subsequent console message possibly. It’s probably all-around a more useful message that the subsequent one anyway.

Thanks for reporting your finding on this. I’ve been thinking of dropping ‘other’ subsequent message anyway and it’s associated code. It dates back quite some and is a little buggy anyway.


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