Single Pool hdd Spindown possible or not?


In the past i´ve used OMV and as i am not lucky with setting my hdds into standby i usually solve this problem using hd-idle instead of hdparm.

So i´ve compiled hd-idle on CentOS but i still have a problem.

Usually i set the drive into standby mode by UUID but now my pool has one UUID and the single drives connected to that pool have an UUID_SUB.

So do i have to set my hdd´s now into standby by UUID_SUB?

Thx in advance!


@Basti_Fantasti Hello again.

I haven’t used hd-idle before but know of it. The UUID’s you mention are all btrfs related. You need to use something that references the base drive, not any filesystem related stuff on top of it. Try using the /dev/disk/by-id names for example.

Another method you could try for configuring idle power down is via smartctl options. I have read that these, like hd-idle, can sometimes work when hdparm does not.

We have an open issue which details extending our custom smart options to encompass these smartctl issued hd power down settings:

In the issue the example given is for smart through a raid controller as this is a typical scenario for hdparm not working but it’s worth a try on straight drive access, if this is what you have.

Let us know how you get on.

hmmm… that doesn´t seem to be easy on rockstor.

even when i force standby using hd-idle the hdd´s are starting again immediately :expressionless:

Is it at least possible to set drives that are part of a single pool to standby with Rockstor?

Could it be possible that my problem belongs to Rockstor and btrfs?

I´ve gone back to OMV now because of less time to handle that PWM Problem besides work and family but Rockstor is that much clean and easy that i would like to solve my problem.

So i´ve installed Rockstor again on my USB SLC Stick and guess what? I have absolutly no problem to put the OMV EX4 HDDS which are unmounted to standby. Even with hdparm -Y it works like a charm.

So i think the problem belongs to Rockstor.

I´ve used a single Pool during my last try because i don´t need anything else.

Please… any1 has a solution for me?


so, this seems to work fine for me

smartctl --set standby,60 /dev/sda

do i have to set this command once a time or and how can i set it during boot?

i am not that much into Cent OS…