Single samba share for all rock-on shares

I run a few rock-on for my home automation and would like to share the config folders with windows.

Ideally I would like to have a single samba share called apps, with subfolders under that for each rock on, eg:

Is this possible with Rockstor?

I don’t think it’s possible within Rockstor’s scope itself. However, I am wondering whether you create another small share, inside that create your apps\ folder and then create symlinks to the other folders. If that works, then you can create the Samba export on that new share and they would be visible that way.

I haven’t tried it, so this is all theory, but maybe others on the forum have found a workable solution.


Thanks @Hooverdan for the suggestion, I too am curious to know whether that would work.

I simply wanted to confirm that we indeed do not support binding of subfolders within the same share to containers. It is something that several users have requested, however, and I personally agree that it is a good idea. It is thus something that we will strive to implement in the future but I unfortunately cannot give you a time estimate on this.
If anyone is interested in bringing this feature to life, we have a couple of issues in our Github repos to track this, with some pointers and further discussions:

Hope this helps,

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