Sleep states and backups?

Hello Rockstor Community,

I am going to use rockstor to replace our awfully awkward windows network storage. And we have our windows system set up with some very odd, and somewhat difficult to replicate on linux settings, im pretty sure that these settings are in Rockstor, but i have not found, or are hard to set up, and i need assistance.

First, Our windows system is set that whenever it goes to sleep (which i do not know if Rockstor does), if it receives a copy request or any request for that matter, to wake up, configure the drives if it is not, and start copying immediately.

Secondly, is there a way to set entire drive backups??? (in windows we have 2 partitions, and both have 2 folders, those folders are the ones being shared, but essentially make the entire drive). And our current drives is starting to die, so we need to make automatic updates every night or so, also regarding a feature with waking up in the middle of the night to do so.

Thirdly, what file sharing does windows commonly use, im thinking its NFS, but im not truely sure (and how do you set it up).

Fourthly (and the last one for now), do i need to pool my drives? like to do copying or backups or even install rockons? And if so, i have been trying, and to no avail.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help, any is pretty much appreciated

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  1. no not by default and I don’t recommend it just leave it on.

  2. You have access to a full Linux install (CentOS) underneath Rockstor so all the normal tools like Rsync are there. There is also the btrfs send/receive commands if you have another btrfs box setup which have a nice little menu in the gui.

  3. Windows typically will use SMB/Samba (NFS is possible but you have to explicitly set it up) as the default. Unless you need something special the checkboxes and dropdowns in rockstor web-gui should be more than sufficient.

  4. Ya a lot of the benefit is there for when a drive dies etc. Pooling the disks will wipe any FS off of them and format them as btrfs. When you do that you’ll have the option to select the RAID level you want for your pool (can be changed so it isn’t permanent here.) The standard levels are all present RAID 1/10/5/6.


Hello @shejan0, welcome to Rockstor community! Thanks @Spectre694 for your clear answers!

In addition to what @Spectre694 said, please take a look at our documentation for helpful howtos, short video tutorials etc…

Let us know if you have any more questions.