Slow reads but fast writes

Been testing my new install and everything seems fine so far but I’m having a weird issue on the reads.

For writes I’m getting ~94MB/s (This is fine realistically probably as fast as the network can go) but for reads I’m getting ~54MB/s averages. This is the same on Samba and SFTP haven’t yet tried NFS

The server array I’m writing too is a 8 disk RAID 6 no compression. The client has a 4 disk RAID 5 and a Samsung 850 Pro both have the exact same speeds to and from the NAS. All gigabit.

Thanks for the info. Obvious question, but I have to ask. How are you measuring the speed? reproducible steps or script would be great.

Sorry for the late reply all the Christmas stuff has been keeping me busy.

Anyway the client was Windows 10 (I’ll try from a linux client next time I’m out there) Files tested were large 1+ GB. And I tried it three ways the Windows drag and drop copy which shows the speed as it goes. A timed robocopy ( /E /R:1 W:1 /FFT /MT) and SFTP from filezilla but that was less consistent on the speed. (That might be a different issue though as I was having some other SFTP issues before)

The robocopy and the drag and drop both took just under twice as long to read and come out basically the same. SFTP was slower on both but still wrote faster ( around 70 write and 40 read)

To get it to happen I created a 8 disk RAID 6 created an uncompressed share exported to samba logged in from the the client. It made no difference if I mapped the drive or not. That one was attached directly via SATA II/SATA III Mixed capacity disks.

I then created a second one to test later 8 SATA II disks 160GB attached via SAS 3Gb/s it exhibited identical speeds.
All done from the webUI and scrubs returned no errors on the SATA array but did a few on the SAS array.

Quick Update I updated to the newest version 3.8-10.03 from 3.8-9 something over the weekend but it kept freezing so I rolled back to my last download cd 3.8-8 I had and that has the same issue ~94MB/s write and but the reads were ~68MB/s instead of 50 though.

I also got a chance to try NFS and it is acting the same way.

I think this has to do with the SATA controller and HBA in my system because I switched to RAID 10 and speeds went up to around 104 MB/s writes and around 100MB/s reads for sequential transfers.

@Spectre694 Thanks for the update, I was going to suggest iperf to check out the network as many cards are find in one direction and significantly less able in the other. But it looks like you’ve narrowed it down already. Well done.

Everything seemed slow while using robocopy like it took too much time to do stuff. Sync was slow, the backup process was slow and the funny part is when I enabled the multi threading option the situatuion got worse. I think its a bug or something. I have now discontinued its use and now I am using GS Richcopy 360 which has 100% multi threaded file transfer and I can see the transfer speed shooting up myself. You should also try it, maybe it can help you too!