SMART retrieving details throws fatal error

@suman Hiya, I am testing the SMART on a Maxtor disk, I know the drive had in the very beginning of his life a crash, but is still in usable state. As you can see on the screenshot the error comes up but doesn’t allow me to continue and getting more details from the drive. I am thinking of a bug as the text might be to long to display? In GSmartControl it works perfect and I am getting all SMART details of the drive. I am able to DBAN the drive with verify after each pass, no errors or any problem. Could you look into this?

happy to look into it @TheRavenKing. Could you send logs over to It will be easier to look at the errors there versus parsing from the screenshot.

@suman Will try if the logs are still there, took drive out for the moment. What log files do you want?

/opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log should be enough.

@suman Sent log files and screen-shots from PC with the working SMART details, if you need more info let me know.

hey @suman, for me it gives similar output, however for every drive but the first (sda), which works fine

builing myself an archive server i got some new hdds and just tested with them, and it works everywhere now. so maybe its something which is special for those disks tested before (failed smart tests from some time ago maybe).