SMB 1 or 2 or 3 and NetBios?

First of all, I been working hours and hours… Now I noticed that Windows Network Should able see “RockStorNAS” Netbios and should able see or visible… However my Macbook can see because it base in Linux (MACOSX) and or Any Linux can see no problems, WHY Windows can not see? SMB1 or SMB2??? SO,need address this to add feature to allow Windows Support… Any Tips or tricks??



If you are using Windows 8 or above, you should use SMB V3.

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Hi @atg2004 ,

As @aremiaskfa said, SMB v3 would be preferred (most recent version, hence more secure, etc…). Note that SMBv1 is now deprecated in Windows so that won’t work.

Note, however, that the important thing is that you shouldn’t need to worry about SMB versions (unless you have very specific needs). Samba will automatically try to use the latest version supported by both the server (your Rockstor machine in this case) and the client (the Windows machine in your case).

Now, with regards to the following:

This is actually normal and related to changes in “recent” windows versions. There is a way to restore the automatic detection of Samba servers from Windows’ Network tab: the WSDD Rock-On created by @Hooverdan. Install this Rock-On and then you should be able to see Samba shares available from Windows.

This is optionalstrong text****, however, as you can still access the shares without WSDD. I would refer you to our documentation for illustrations and instructions on several ways to do that:

Let us know if anything in there is unclear and we’ll gladly help where we can.


I figure it out to make it work… GO to Rock-ONS then scroll down to find Web Service Discovery For Windows Networks, Then next step input the Hostname, then input Workgroup then Click Next and wait for for moments and boom… It works charm…