Smb share stops at 550gb in size, sould bee 1.5TB

I Am fresh at Rockstor, great playing!I
i have 4x 500gb disks in a old server, all pooled up to 2TB, some shares for plex to start with.
the trouble i ran in too is that mij shares, smb mounted in w10 to copy files, stop at a size of 550 gb, it schould bee around 1.5 TB.
some input ?

thanks in advance

@rockstorgorgo, welcome to the Rockstor community. While I probably don’t know the answer to your question, can you give a little more detail on the version of Rockstor (including the Kernel) you’re running (which you can find in the top right-hand corner above the dashboard).

Also, if you’re comfortable with the command line might be helpful to post the output of the btrfs fi show command. That clarifies how your pool looks. Your RAID level is 1, I presume?

There are a couple of other posts around SMB and NFS shares, but those are also somewhat older.
If you don’t get any conclusive answers you could take a look at this how-to:

However, I hope that @phillxnet or others can probably shed some additional light on this before you have to go down that path.