Smtp/Transactional email services

For those of you who don’t want to give Rockstor your SMTP credentials and also don’t want to run a Mail sever might be worth looking into the following

Both claim to support SMTP sending as well as API based so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

I’m using mandrill and it works well, but it looks like they’ve done away with their free tier (It used to be 12K email’s per month).

I can’t see Rockstor sending anywhere Near 10K emails a month so shouldn’t cost anything :smile:

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Heh, I do the same thing. I was also on Mandrill until I noticed that their 12k emails is “total” and not per month. I switched over to SendGrid a couple days ago.

Is there a way to get SendGrid setup through the RockStor gui? I just noticed I hadn’t set my RockStor install up with email alerts yet.

My Mandril is an older account before they changed the limits, thankfully the old accounts and thankfully they grandfathered the plan instead of enforcing the new limits, so Mine still is 12k a month.

If Sendgrid works in the same way then you just create an API key with a send-raw (or smtp) permisison set and give rockstor that username/password and the address of their SMTP relay

That’s a shame about Mandrill. They had a pretty slick interface and logged things well. Looking back, I guess I only had the 2k “total” emails. Didn’t realize it at the time when I signed up.

Well, doesn’t look like SendGrid is plug’n’play with the RockStor email webui right now. Mandrill uses an email address to authenticate where SendGrid uses “apikey” which fails authentication. I can get it going via Postfix CLI, so not a big deal.

@baggar11 , I signed up to Sendgrid to have a look around however my account is not active yet so I can’t actually send any emails to test it out.


Settings > Credentials to create a username and password, enable that username/password for “Mail” apparently listens on 443/587 or 465 for SSL.

Edit: Supposedly the main account credentials also work for SMTP, not that I’d recommend using those, sendgrid doesn’t seem to offer as much control as mandrill in that regard.

I prefer to use api keys for my accounts so I can report on them easily. Mandrill is different as it uses the api key for the password. SendGrid does the same, but you specify that it’s an api key by using the username “apikey.”

Ah right where it seems rockstor is using the email address as the username

I created as the username under credentials and was able to send using that, I must admit I think I prefer the way Mandrill works in terms of credentials/api keys, I couldn’t see any way in sendgrid to lock a set of credentials to a specific IP range either like you can in Mandrill