Snapper like snapshot management

Hello Rockstor community!

I’m new to Rockstor and just installed it the first time yesterday. I love the combination of CentOS, BTRFS and the beautiful webUI. Great work!

Is it planed to get an more enhanced snapshot management webUI which offers similar features like snapper ( does? Snapper is now included in the base repo…

Desired feautures:

  • Timeline
  • cleanup: delete snapshots without any difference to previous snapshots
  • see differences between snapshots
  • optional: possibility to rollback selected files, not the whole snapshot

OT: would be nice if there would be an easy way to install rockstor on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Companies having RHEL subscriptions don’t like to use CentOS… Just my experience… (I’m a junior linux engineer working as contractor for several companies.). So a rockstor installation guide + rockstor yum repo would be great. (developers can get a RHEL subscription for free:


Hello and welcome flubber!

Some enhancements/fixes are on the list, but currently they are still created using btrfs-progs. I do think snapper would make a nice extension, so I’ve added it to the issues list to keep it in mind:

As for RHEL, I guess it’s technically possible as we are already using a yum repo to update rockstor. You’d have to discuss this with @suman in more detail; I don’t know much about our installer and rpm package.

Currently doing some coding on this feature. I’ve updated the github issue with some details and images of snapper, as a reference for myself and others what it may come to look like.

My openSUSE system comes with snapper by default and a plugin for its package manager (zypper) that takes pre/post snapshots for every transaction. It also marks the snapshots for a configurable list of package names as important, and these can be set to be retained longer than non-important ones. I really like this feature and it turned out to be incredibly easy to port this plugin to yum, so it makes the first real commit towards this feature. :sunglasses:


The web API for snapper resources is nearly finished and working so far, so I’ve started writing the user interface bits. Here is a first screenshot:

The buttons are not complete or functional yet, as I first wanted to test selecting a snapper config file and retrieving the corresponding snapshot details. As you can see, they work! :grinning: