Snapshots in other location

Can we create Snapshot in other location (different path) .

I have created first raid 1 and second raid 1, so first raid Snapshots should be created in second raid

How to do ,can any one help?

This is interesting. When you say first and second raid 1’s, do you mean two different Pools? And are you expecting that snapshots of the first Pool to be inside second Pool? If so, that is not possible. Please clarify with more information.

I’ve been looking to do something similar to this as well. I have one RAID-1 pool that would be the primary location for my data and a second pool that contains a full copy of the data from the primary pool. I have daily snapshots of the primary pool going to my secondary pool so that I have a local backup. Right now I’m doing it through btrbk which is pretty much just btrfs send/receives. Is it possible to replicate shares to another pool in Rockstor? Thanks