Snapshots on root partition used all avaliable space

Hopefully someone knows how to assist with this one as my box is currently bricked…
My primary drive is so full nothing is usable on the system at all, and it seems impossible to manage btrfs, it seems even the snapshots are not accessible as the primary pool mounts in /mnt2/ are empty…

Any assistance as to how to clear out all historical snapshots would be much appreciated as I really do not wish to format again :frowning:


so you speak of /?

then give us
btrfs sub list /
if its a data disk
btrfs sub list /mnt2 or any matching mountpoint.

Sorry, I ended up just manually wiping the biggest btrfs snapshot to clear the system lock and rebooted. Lost data with my rockons but just set them up from scratch.

Somehow the rockons folder exceeded 55gb even with the data stored elsewhere… very strange…