Snapshots outside of share

I would like to be able to create snapshots outside of the share root.

e.g. instead of at /mnt2/{pool}/{share}/{snapshot}
create it at /mnt2/{pool}/snapshots/{share}/{snapshot}

The way it is currently crowds out the contents of the main subvolume with all the snapshots. Also each snapshot includes (useless) mount points for all previous snapshots. It would be good to be able to have a separate export for the backups to keep the main share clean. 

This is a very good suggestion. Thank you!

We’ll do some testing and make necessary improvements. I’d like to primarily validate the usecase of making snapshots available as hidden directories inside nfs and cifs exports so users can easily retrieve files from snapshots.

Here’s the github issue for this:

I have setup a system using shell scripts and cron that snapshots /mnt2/{share} into /mnt2/Backups/{share}/{date} including thinning out old snapshots. /mnt2/Backups is exported as a read-only share. It is working well. Of course, the snapshots don’t show in the Rockstor interface but that doesn’t matter for my usecase.

Clever indeed. I haven’t been able to work on this issue yet. Hopefully in the next update. Thanks for sharing more information.

Just want to close the loop on this topic. The issue has been fixed a while ago(dec 24, 2014):