Soft power off / shutdown

How do I supposed to power on the unit after a soft shutdown from the software menu? Is there a LAN command that can be run using the IP or Host name to wake up Rockstor application.
I ask this cause my X86 motherboard does not have the plugs pins for for usual PC on/off switch, audio, LED light ext.
Two pairs of black and yellow wire connect to motherboard and power supply’s on/off switch controls it.
So, I was wondering if there’s a way for me to power on without messing with power supply’s switch.

if your motherboard’s BIOS (most of them do) and/or NIC supports magic packets, then I think you can take a look at a guide like this (there might be better ones out there) to trigger it from within your LAN.

or here:

the second also contains a few references to WoL apps …