SoftEther VPN Rockon

Appears to launch and run without the environment variables had to steal a little code from the OVPN one and modify it to suit SoftEther VPN.

The docker run command I issue to run it without rockstor is

docker run -d -e "SPW=test123" -e "HPW=test123" --cap-add NET_ADMIN -p 500:500/udp -p 4500:4500/udp -p 1701:1701/tcp -p 1194:1194/udp -p 5555:5555/tcp -p 992:992/tcp siomiz/softethervpn

However I can not figure out how to pass 2 variables that are user defineable to the docker container.

The variables are in the below format.

All optional:

-e PSK: Pre-Shared Key (PSK), if not set: "notasecret" (without quotes) by default.
-e USERS: Multiple usernames and passwords may be set with the following pattern: username:password;user2:pass2;user3:pass3. Username and passwords are separated by :. Each pair of username:password should be separated by ;. If not set a single user account with a random username ("user[nnnn]") and a random weak password is created.
-e SPW: Server management password. :warning:
-e HPW: "DEFAULT" hub management password. :warning:

see for a further explanation.

Revision 1 is the working one Revision 3 validates but i get the error spw is not a valid enviroment variable

@alazare619 Hello again.
Just had a quick look and it might be worth adding in the missing:

"index": 1


"index": 2

entries in each of your environment sub-sections. Haven’t tested this but I see it in other multi environment variable rock-ons such as embyserver.json and mariadb.json.

I know the states this as optional but maybe we have a bug in the parser; it would be good to know if we do?

Good to see you got your earlier --cap-add issue sorted.

Worth a try anyway, hope that helps.

Using index 1 and 2 revision 4 of the above I still get

Houston, we've had a problem.

Invalid environment variabled(HPW)

This looks like its the same problem I reported here:

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This looks to be the exact same issue.