[SOLVED] 3.9.2-48 Latest Stable Channel post-update UI Issues

After the automated update to the latest version in the stable channel, it appears (at least on my system) that, starting with the Rock-On UI pages, there were some issues (not being able to execute GET error messages, when selecting any of the Rock-Ons’ configuration icons) and then bleeding over into the Dashboard as well …

A reboot of the entire appliance fixed all my UI display problems. One thing I’ve noticed is that the previously seen kernel/repo information is not visible anymore … but for me that’s more cosmetic than anything. It now only shows as this:


I do have an upgraded kernel, but in the previous version that was still showing up in the status bar (of course after my reboot I got the “unsupported kernel” message).

@Hooverdan Hello again and thanks for the report.

This is strange as I haven’t seen this on any of my systems so far:


You could take a look in the


log to see if theirs any clues.

As you say it’s mostly a cosmetic. Also, assuming you were upgrading from 3.9.2-47 the rockstor related code that changed was not concerned with that area at all.

Lets see if we get any more reports of this and do paste whatever you find.

There were Rock-on UI changes in this last release but I’m assuming you system is now OK in this regard again.

This has been a while, but I think I have figured out what happened. the version display. As I had “modded” the kernel to 4.20 before the upgrade also, I think the /opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/settings.py file changed back to the standard issue file. I then also saw warnings that then started showing up that I was not running a valid kernel. After changing the SUPPORTED_KERNEL_VERSION line again, the warning message disappeared and the front-end now shows the kernel version correctly.

All good now for me.


@Hooverdan Thanks for the update and glad you got it sorted.

Makes sense now :slight_smile:.