[SOLVED] Boot Disk Dead, options to do

Hey All,
The boot disk for my Rockstor build is dead .I’ve tried a couple of different commands to run and the drive seems to be shot.
MY question is if I take a new drive and install Rockstor onto it will I lose the data that is all ready written to the drives? Will it see it as drives that need to be reformated? Or drives with partitions and it will have those drives mounted.

Hi @mike_rizzuto1,
short answer: if your boot disk is dead you can get a new boot disk, install Rockstor and import other disks, so no data loss :slight_smile:


@mike_rizzuto1 Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

What @Flyer said + we have a Reinstalling Rockstor HowTo that may be of some help, along with it’s Data Import sub-section.

Hope that helps.

This can be marked as closed. Thanks guys that worked perfectly!!

@mike_rizzuto1 Thanks for the update. I’ve edited this threads title accordingly.

Glad your sorted now.