[SOLVED] Btrfs snap of the / on usb drive

after long and hard issues whit freeNAS and then OMV i’ve discovered Rockstor
,i explain as i can ,bacause mi english i’ts …erm…
i work in an apple assistance all the clients are apple (macbook, imac, macpro ,imac retina etc)
on my archlinux i used BTRFS years and years ago … i follow the project for a long time, but then not more, now i have seen much more features are avaiable! :slight_smile:

the NAS i’ts OK the AFP support it’s OK, the configuration it’s RAID5 + installation disk (320gb) formatted whit simply partitioning /root /home /boot (ext4 …) and /var
i MUST have just one subvolume of the / … [question: can the snapshot of the 320gb disk of / stay in the space of a flash disk ? 2gb … i think yup if i remember]
my problem is this: every time i try to make a snapshot of / i receive an error that it’s not allowed to make a snapshot of /
eg. if a try

       btrfs subvolume snapshot / /home/usb-snap/
  If you don't provide a name btrfs will use the name of the source subvolume. In your case the source subvolume is called / which is not a valid name for the snapshot

how can i do this?
i just need ONE snapshot of the root filesystem , the Json config it’s saved on vfat usb key and putted into the rack, (as extrema ratio) , but i want the snapshot of the root filesystem, and then recover the system from that snapshot if the system disk will want to dead. i hope you understand me.
thx in advance

edit: right now i haven’t the server whit me, it’s in the rack @ work , i provide to use your reply when the reply ( if somebody want to reply @ this ever of every question) will ready, and i can try on the server, see yah

Hi @tecnopado,

A quick google led me to this Stackoverflow thread.

The issue is the you’re attempting to snapshot “/” (which has no name), to an existing directory without a name following it.

This means that your snapshot command:

btrfs subvolume snapshot / /home/usb-snap/

Roughly translates to (note the double slash at the end)

btrfs subvolume snapshot / /home/usb-snap//

This doesn’t make sense.

You can resolve this by specifying a name for the snapshot. This is as simple as putting a non-existent subdirectory on the end of the snapshot directory

btrfs subvolume snapshot / /home/usb-snap/root-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")

This would create your snapshot in the subdirectory “root-2018-02-14”

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THX in i’ve time i will try this morning (UTC ITALY)

thank U very much!
now i’ve an another issue, but not on the production machine, but on my test machine @ home … the webUI is not accessible, the error is related to Django and postgresql … and the share …i can see it on my macbookPRO high sierra, but OSX says i have not more the permits…! (777 -R ) boh …
i will open maybe tomorrow another thread , i’m sure i must reinstall … i tryed to reinstall erase postrgresql , run bootstrap, remove .initrock, then run /bin/initrock …NOT WORKING,still same problem about Django and postgresql ! :frowning: but, if there is a try to restore the access, it’s will better,and sure i willl learn another thing of rockstor! very much impressive distro, i’ve tryed FreeNAS but i have lot’s of problem importing the disk (not much RAM for ZFS? just 8Gb for 8Tb raidZ2…) then OMV … DISASTER… Rockstor was a BIG discovery!
for this issue i repeat, thx very much :slight_smile:

Hi @tecnopado,

Glad to see your issue on your prod system is sorted out.

Please open a new thread if your new issues continues, although I think it’s likely that you may indeed to reinstall, or be in for a pretty long fix as reinstalling Postgres may have nuked the DB.
You might have some luck reinstalling rockstor-core tho.

When opening a new thread, remember to have the whole error message. :o)

Yup, I went through a similar track to you before finding Rockstor.

  • Disks of different size, ZFS not ideal, plus I didn’t overly like FreeNAS anyway.
  • Ran OMV for a while with multiple RAIDs to allow for the different disk sizes.
    Plugins were a pain in the ass, upgrades frequently required full OS reinstallation, refused to re-import anything.
  • Found Rockstor, while still young and requiring more work (which it’s getting!), it suits me perfectly as an experienced Linux user