[SOLVED] FTP share please?

I need to access quickly my data from all over the places i go. I understand that several users can not access their data from outside their own LAN, just like me and they too need simple FTP functionality. It will be possible in the near future to get a FTP Rockon?? Please? :slight_smile

I think that the Plex Rockon can serve as a template. After installation you can get that rock-on to serve data from other shares by simply adding them as Storage Shares so, i think, something similar but with FTP in mind is relatively easy to incorporate in future releases. Am I right?

Thank You.

there’s an SFTP service under services.
Just turn it on and it just works.
Set a port forward on your inernet router and your good to go.
login with an SFTP client, i use winscp, and you can browse the file system.

Or you can do what i do and automate daily downloads from one location to another :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. Used your advice and it works !:slight_smile:

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