[SOLVED] I think i f... up

Hi all,

I had a problem with my Installation after a power outage in my neighborhood. Fixed it with some input and the server was fairly easily up and running again. The issue was that the IP suddenly had changed, so all my setup integrating into the server was not working. To easily fix this i changed the IP back in the settings. Sadly i think I was a little quick and didnt pay attention to the other IPs. If i recall correctly they where the same as the logging for my Asus router. So now i cant acces the web GUI. I hope this is fairly easy to fix for someone with some linux skills by logging in directly to the server and doing it by commands in the root menu. Hoping for some help.

Read this, should be enough to get you back up from the command line.

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Fixed it with a command that changed the ip to dynamic until reboot and was able to access the menu in rockstor and put it back as it was… Thanks :slight_smile: