[SOLVED] New System Shell under 3.8.15-0 not working

After the silent upgrade to stable 3.8.15-0 and a reboot I wanted to try the new “system shell” that has been also requested by me…pressing the button/link, nothing happens (only spinning blue arrows appear, like after pressing update rock-ons button).

Any idea?


Hi @glenngould,
did you turn on shell service??

No - I was not aware of this new service “turn on”, now it works:slight_smile:

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Thanks @glenngould,
happy to read it’s all ok :smiley: (I was already thinking about a possible bug and new coding :scream: )

Marking this as solved:

By default Shellinabox service (yep, it’s a system service!) is disabled


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At least a pop-up/message “you need to enable the services first” in order to give you a hint would be nice

You’ re right, adding on issue to act like other services (while opening load if service is running or show service switch if turned off)