[SOLVED] Pop Up Error Message - Only when in Storage section

Any idea what this might be?

Hi @kwetiaw and Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

This is a frontend error related to DataTables (you were on Shares page, am I right?)

Can you please tell us what you were doing when you got it?


Thanks @Flyer
So far I am impressed with rockstor and will consider donating if I am going full time with it on my homeNAS.

The error message happened when creating shares on the Shares page as per guessing.


Hi @kwetiaw,
did you try to close your browser, open again and check same page??
Usually DataTables errors raise when something goes wrong on loading Rockstor data over backbone


hey now you mentioned it. i was at work and now at home with a different browser, the error no longer comes up.

Marking this SOLVED, once again Welcome to Rockstor :slight_smile:


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