[SOLVED]Question about a way to Migrate from OMV EXT4 to Rockstor BTRFS


I finally want to try Rockstor instead of OMV as my NAS System.

As i have 4 different sized HDDs i want to make one single Datapool without any Raid Function.

But how to migrate my Data?

As non of my HDDs is full i´ve thought about copying some Data from one of the bigger Drives to an external drive and create a pool with this in rockstor. After Copying the Data via Windows Machine from the external drive back to the HDD i want to take the next HDD and Copy the Data from Windows to Rockstor. After Data is copied i want to add the empty HDD to the Storagepool. This procedure shoudl be done with all 4 drives.

Do you think this is possible or do you know an easier way?




Just for your info - it works :wink:

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:wink: I should assume that this is the only “sane” way to do it. There are tricks you can convert in place from etx4, but I would strongly discourage that.

Just FYI, beauty of btrfs is that you can have different size disk and still use all of available space in RAID1 :slight_smile: btrfs will keep 2 copies on two different disks, and will attempt to mix disks in the fashion that will use all available space that is there.

Welcome to rockstor / btrfs crazy world :slight_smile:

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Ok… After some trying I’ve found the most comfortable solution in mounting the old ext 4 drive and copying the data using midnight commander to the new btrfs formatted drive :wink:

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Just for future reference - when copying a large data set and NOT using midnight commander it’s always worth checking flags for copy, for example:
cp -xar source/* destination/
should copy files WITH all attributes / access right / ownership etc