[Solved - ReclaiMe Works] Any experiences with ReclaiMe or other recommended BTRFS recovery software?


Looking for any feedback, experiences, or recommendations regarding ReclaiMe or other software for recovering files from a BTRFS RAID 6. All of my files disappeared from the share after a reboot similiar to this post: BTRFS raid 6 won't remount after single drive failure and I haven’t had any luck recovering. Any input is appreciated.

Under no circumstances use raid5&6 for production systems. Technically using a btrfs for production is a risk.

Rescuing data from broken raid5&6 is very sketchy proces (this is why using is so dissadviced). Trusting any other software than “btrfs restore” is your own risk. Existance of anything else than btrfs restore that can rescue your data, I’m not aware of.


ReclaiMe has successfully recovered what should be all of my files from the RAID 6 that lost one superblock and cratered. It’s a little pricey ($200) for the license that will recover BTRFS files, but you can download and run the software for free to see what it discovers (actually moving the files to a recovery disk is the paid feature) and one license is good for life. I will say that the customer service was top notch. I have nothing but praise for their responsiveness and willingness to work with customers as they encounter snags.

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@BrainDamagedPilot this sounded like an add :slight_smile: but seriously I’m glad that something worked for you and a lot of admins will welcome with open arms more rescue options !!!

Have you tried to run:
btrfs restore -t 0x2341234123 (point where you’ve got functioning root) /dev/sdXX /mnt/backup_destination

to compare whenever those two will deliver a different results ?

@Tomasz_Kusmierz Not sure how I missed your reply until now, but yeah, looking at it now my last post does sound a little paid-for. I believe that I did try the btrfs restore command, but the command line and I never seem to get along and I couldn’t get it to work.