[SOLVED] Rock-on don't stop installing

Hi, since a few hours Netdata Rock-on tries to install.
How can I stop the process an start it again?
Even a reboot don’t help.

Rockstor Log says

[12/Feb/2022 21:58:01] INFO [storageadmin.views.rockon:103] Rockon (Netdata (official)) state pending and no pending task: assuming task is mid execution.


@anborn Hello again.

So we do still have some rough edges in our Rock-ons. And this is one potential edge. You may well just have to force delete this Rock-on via the command line.

Take a look at the following relatively new Rock-on doc section authored by @Flox here:

“Force uninstall of a Rock-on”:

That should wipe all knowledge of this ‘stuck’ Rock-on and you can then have another go at installing it.

We have some corner cases where things can get out-of-sync such as is expressed in the log message. Mostly they sail on through and all is well but sometimes we still see these stuck states. In time we will track down the root cause of these miss-haps but they still currently exist unfortunately.

Our next major push is to update our entire software library, this should help in the long run as we gain more tools to track this type of thing down. We have begun this process with the recently completed OS change, now we do the same with all our libraries.

Hope that helps.


Great! Thanks for your qick reply and help. Netdata ist running again now.
warm regards