[Solved] Scheduled Snapshots stopped running - Bug got addressed in 3.8.15-14

Hi all

After updating to ROCKSTOR 3.8.15-11, my scheduled snapshots stopped working and kept giving “error” in the status column. I have tried to

  • Restart smb service.
  • Reboot rockstor.
  • Delete the scheduled task and recreate it again.

Still no luck, even after upgrading to ROCKSTOR 3.8.15-12 I am still having problems and the status is “error”. I am not sure what logs for the snapshots specifically cause I looked at the rockstor.log but wasn’t really sure what I meant to be looking for.
Here is a picture with the error of my snapshots.

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Hi @Mahmoud87, thanks for reporting this issue, really!!!
You could never find any useful log because migrating to Django > 1.8 made us “jokes” (service generating scheduled tasks & errors actually not logging!), but your detailed summary helped us :slight_smile:

This is a nice catch, thanks!

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Cheers @Flyer and am glad I have spotted something and am sure you guys will take care of it :+1:

Confirmed Scheduled snapshots works perfectly fine now. Thanks @Flyer and @suman, great work guys.

One thing is off the topic but related to the scheduled snapshots. I have noticed that some of my old scheduled snapshots I have created previously are still running even though they have been deleted and they don’t appear in the scheduled tasks anymore, I have deleted them awhile ago but didn’t disable the task. Do you guys think we have to untick the box of “Enable task” before we delete them?

Here is the old snaps that still running and I have no idea how and why :smiley:

This is my current scheduled snapshots.

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Good morning @Mahmoud87,
will check this possible issue asap


Hi @Mahmoud87,
had a new task running every minute, 4 snapshots collected, task removed and cron jobs correctly updated without any “ghost task”: did you try to have a reboot?


Morning @Flyer This scheduled task I had like a month ago, and it still showing it’s running really strange. This is a fresh install as well running latest 3.5.8-14. Is there anywhere I can track them and purge them completely cause as you see in the picture they run like every minute.

Hi @Mahmoud87 wait,
maybe you’re misunderstanding snapshots page:
snapshots page tracks all your snapshots, for current enabled tasked and old tasks (deleted too): once a snapshot task ends there’s a DB write and that page lists all of your snapshots table entries


Fair enough @Flyer, cheers mate for your help.

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